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We all knew by now that for an efficient study, the proper environment is vital.

suliSome of us prefer our study rooms, others libraries, coffee shops , friends houses and some prefer not to! In either way some basic attributes could help, assuming you don't belong to the last category of course. These attributes include adequate lighting, enough space and easy access to your materials. Even more important is a quiet environment, so you can concentrate!!!! comfortable, but bot too comfortable to fall asleep(pay attention to this one!!!!) and good ventilation(pay attention to this one as well!!!!)

Bearing in mind the above we were not surprised that we got by email the picture in the left from someone apparently studying in Budapest claiming that the best and most efficient studying is in the toilet.

We havent confirmed with him yet if this is just for Hungary, or worst just his toilet, but we quess toilet conditions are similar in average.

 Seems that all success conditions are kept...though good ventilation we cannot confirm!

For you what are the conditions for efficient studying. Send us your own tips and pictures to info + studentsHungary.com .What about  a contest for the best(or worst!!!) ideas?



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