Recharging and refreshing in the Baths of Budapest...or not?

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o not panic.Even if according to claims(at least until complaints forced them to take down the posting) one of the germiest attractions worldwide is the thermal baths of Budapest.

szechenyi baths

So once again lets not be afraid….or not?

Frankly speaking as anyone who has already  visited one of the several Budapest baths knows;  the chlorine added to the water is enough to exterminate everything including your nostrils.

So dont visit , but only if the idea of soaking for hours next to hundreds of all sort of unknown(and questionable cleanness we should add) people is sending alarming signals to your brain. Personally I would focus only on the large outdoor pools, as the inside ones have a smell and feeling of how to put it? too “public” maybe.

If the above do not concern you, thats fine; there are some very good spots, for all tastes, indoor & outdoor, large & small, locals only & international, more “exclusive”  & more "usual".







Gellert bathFirst are the Gellért Baths which were built in 1918 and are located inside the hotel Gellért. Water here maintains a constant temperature of 44° C and a large outdoor pool is open in summer. Therapeutic services such as traction cure, ultrasonic, inhalation and short-wave treatments are available.

rudas bathA little further up the Danube are two famous bathing establishments, specifically near the Buda end of Erzsébet bridge. The Rudas Baths beside the river were built by the Turks in 1566 and retain a strong Turkish atmosphere.

Women should make for the Rác Baths at the foot of the hill, on the opposite side of the bridge. The Rác Baths ace reserved for women on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and for men on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and are mostly preferred by locals.

For more exclusive surroundings, try the Hotel Thermál on Margaret Island. This ofcourse doesn’t affect only the cleanness but also the prices. So be prepared to pay a premium.
On the other hand the large Széchenyi Baths located just outside the Széchenyi Fürdõ metro station in City Park are a more everyday choice both for locals and foreigners.

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